jcp3The first book I ever checked out of the library and read all by myself was Andrew Lang’s The Green Fairy Book. I was seven years old, and it Impressed me in the same way as Anne McCaffrey’s dragon characters Impress their riders at hatching, creating an irrevocable stamp on my identity that has continued to express itself throughout my life. The first manifestation of this was a book I wrote and illustrated at age 10–it was called “The Sea Fairy” and was a rather awful story about a pair of girls who save a sea fairy at the beach and join her in battling her evil underwater enemy. Unlikely magic and fantastical beings have continued to make their appearances in my writing, because they provide archetypes with which I can explore the patterns within my own subconscious, and because they validate my belief in a reality that is shaped by thought and the discovery of infinite unknowns.

I received my BA in PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and my JD from Harvard Law School. I attended the Rolf Institute and became a Structural/Movement Integrator along with exploring my interests in psychic work and esoterica. Currently I am a bodyworker, a legal counsel for a tech firm, and a writer.



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